First week of Spring Training. Part 2 with Jay Mariotti


1st inning-Fans in the ballpark 2nd inning-JOCkeying for position 3rd inning-Kimbrel regressing 4th inning-Should NL adopt full time DH? 5th inning-Rule changes in minor leagues 6th inning-Who should be the 5th starter? 7th inning-Mariotti Part 2 8th inning-Ordering concessions hurting vendors? 9th inning-A-Rod and J-Lo no more  We’ve Joined the Barroom Network  Find and follow us online on Twitter: @ryandlieber @thechadgordon, @bearsbarroom @cubsconfines  @mariottisports join us on Facebook: Chicago Cubs Friendly Confines Facebook page Check out our website to join our newsletter. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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