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The BEST fan-driven Cubs Podcast with the BEST guests! Cubs talk for Cubs fans. Each episode explore 9 “innings” of topics with a special 7th Inning guest conductor/interview with a Chicago sports reporter/anchor or a leader in the sports broadcasting world. Previous guests include Andre Dawson, Mike Wilbon, Joe Buck, Boog Sciambi, Karl Ravech, Len Kasper, Pat Hughes, Mike Greenberg, Sarah Spain, Marc Silverman, Ryan Dempster, Wayne Messmer, David Kaplan, Chet Choppock, Marv Levy and many more. Your place to listen for fresh takes by guys that follow Cubs baseball religiously!

No Cubs’ Podcast Gets Better Guests!


The Cubs fire sale begins. CBS 2 Chicago News Anchor Ryan Baker joins the show

1st inning-Reaction to first half? 2nd inning-Offense report card 3rd inning-Pitching report card 4th inning-Manager report card 5th inning-What’s next? 6th inning-All-Star Game snore? 7th inning-Ryan Baker Int 8th inning-Pirate to KBO 9th inning-Previewing the 2nd half @thechadgordon @cubsconfines @bearsbarroom @ryandlieber @ryanbakermedia http://www.theconfines.comMore

Did Cubs Losing Streak End Their Season? Gary Sheffield, Jr. of Outkick Sports joins the boys.

st inning-11 straight losses 2nd inning-Who’s to blame? 3rd inning- Arietta on IL will he be back? 4th inning-Players on the trading block 5th inning-What teams make sense? 6th inning-Who should the Cubs keep? 7th inning-Gary Sheffield, Jr. Int 8th inning-Former Cubs All-Stars 9th inning-Should fans continue to pay to see this team play? @thechadgordon @cubsconfines @bearsbarroom @ryandlieber @garysheffieldjr http://www.theconfines.comMore

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