Summer Camp Continues-Schedules are Out & Mark Giangreco Chicago Sports Legend Joins the Boys


1st inning-Cubs 2020 schedule 

2nd inning-PECOTA predictions 

3rd inning-Testing delays for Cubs 

4th inning-Bryant and Ross concerns 

5th inning-PlateGate with Q 

6th inning-Frequent Flyers Club 

7th inning-Mark Giangreco Int 

8th inning-Fake Crowd Noise? 

9th inning-Rooftop Tickets

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Summer Camp Begins. Len Kasper Cubs TV Voice Joins the Boys to Discuss the Return of Cubs Baseball


1st inning-1st day of Summer camp 

2nd inning-COVID+ Risk 

3rd inning-Summer Camp 60 man roster 

4th inning-Surprise to make the team? 

5th inning-1-2 punch of Bryzzo 

6th inning-6 man rotation? 

7th inning-Len Kasper Interview

8th inning-Marquee close to Comcast deal 

9th inning-100 year anniversary of Negro Leagues

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The Long National Nightmare is Over…Baseball is Officially Coming Back!


1st inning-Baseball is back!! Reaction?

2nd inning-New Rules

3rd inning—Cubs Schedule

4th inning-What does 2020 season mean? Asterisk?

5th inning-What if Players Opt Out?

6th inning-White Sox planning on Fans

7th Joe Johnson Int

8th inning-Silvy Strong/Obvious Shirts

9th inning-Sandberg Game anniversary

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Last Chance for a Deal. Is Baseball’s Return Imminent? Plus Chicago Tribunes’s Mark Gonzales


I tweaked it a little.

1st inning-Close to an Agreement

2nd inning-Manfred the enemy?

3rd inning-What if Players Get Infected?

4th inning-Reaction to Long Gone Summer?

5th inning-Did Documentary Help or Hurt Sammy’s Return Chances?

6th inning-Recap Cubs draft

7th inning-Mark Gonzales INT

8th inning-End of the line for the Cubs? (What is this about?)

9th inning-Happy Birthday to Billy Williams

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Will They Play? It’s Decision Time For MLB Plus ESPN’s Sean Kelley Joins the Boys


1st inning- Newest offer

2nd inning-Theo on hiring minorities

3rd inning-Ricketts comments on revenue into team

4th inning-Do you feel safe at a ball park?

5th inning-MLB Draft week

6th inning-Should Sosa be welcomed back?

7th inning-ESPN’s Sean Kelley Int

8th inning-Sammy and Big Mac on ESPN

9th inning-Chad’s Bday surprise with Pat Hughes

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The Last Dance? Will Players & Owners Agree, Paving Way to a Shortened 2020 Season


1st inning-Welcome Back Dealing with COVID

2nd inning-MLB Baseball Proposal

3rd inning-Should they play in 2020?

4th inning-Would shorten season help Cubs?

5th inning-Asterisk for 2020 season?

6th inning-Jordan/Last Dance

7th inning-Birmingham Barons Curt Bloom INT

8th inning-Silvy Strong-Obvious Shirts

9th inning-All-Time Cubs lineup

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