The Great Chicago Fire(Sale) of ’21 Aftermath-Baseball Hall of Fame President Josh Rawitch Joins the Show-Joey Christopoulos Guest Hosts W/Chad


1st Inning-One Week Later-Thoughts of the Great Chicago Fire Sale of 2021   

2nd Inning-Jed and Rizzo’s Dueling Messages   

3rd-Thoughts in Seeing the Big 3 in other Uni’s   

4th inning-Rating the Return/Replenishing the Minors    

5th-Is there Reason to Support Rest of Year?   

6th-What Needs to Happen to Convince  You Front Office/Ricketts  Has a Plan   

7th inning Interview with National Baseball Hall of Fame President Josh Rawitch 

8th Inning-Are the Ricketts’ Ownership Forever a Villain Now?     

9th Inning-Wrigley Field Sports Book at Addison and Sheffield?  

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