Cubs Back to 100% at Wrigley-Brenda Hilton of Officially Human joins the Boys


1st inning-West Coast Woes Trip? 2nd inning-Murray back for Opening Day 2.0 3rd inning-Kenney says Cubs are losing money, do you believe him? 4th inning-New City Connect Uniforms 5th inning-Wisdom is wise 6th inning-More on the IL 7th inning-Brenda Hilton Int 8th inning-Pitchers using substances on ball? 9th inning-Who are the Cubs All-Stars? Find and follow us online on Twitter: @ryandlieber @thechadgordon, @bearsbarroom @cubsconfines Join us on Facebook: Chicago Cubs Friendly Confines Facebook page Check out our website to join our newsletter.  @offyhuman — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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