Ryan Dempster Joins the Boys. 3 weeks to go. What’s up w/Javy? Trade Deadline Reaction. Yu Dazzles.


1st inning-Trade deadline deals-Is it enough

2nd inning-Q and Chat sidelined/Azolay returns

3rd inning-Bryant’s back

4th inning -What wrong with Javy. 5th inning-Darvish named pitcher of the month

6th inning-Chirping from the bench

Federalist Read

7th inning-Dempster Int

Barroom Commercial

8th inning-Draft Kings and the Cubs

9th inning-Cardinals come to town again CONTEST ALERT: The Federalist Wine is a New Sponsor and They are Giving Our Listeners 20%. Listen after the 6th Inning and before the Ryan Dempster Interview. 21 years or older to consume alcohol. Please Drink Responsibility!

7th inning-Cubs Great Ryan Dempster !!!!

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8th inning- Gambling at Wrigley.

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